More than 35 years is the family Scheiermann and their team a professional partner for rental plants,
floristic and floral designs available. The key to success is also in the third generation reduced to a few
words: best flexibility, best quality and always the best service.

Meanwhile our family-company has 8 employees. No matter which work, there are always the best
qualified people for you on the way. Florist, gardener or master, the service will never be randomly.
We are especially lover of extraordinary plants of any kind, because we believe that plants are not
just for appearance. Plants make the difference, they attract attention, make the room warm and are
a living decoration.

Not at least, we will stand for confidence and reliability. “Without the right attitude, without the right
sensitivity and without the necessary respect for the job and the customer is the professional
competence only worth half.
” says the owner Hendrik Scheiermann.
With this setting we will meet as equals, to act in your best interest and work with you to achieve
the best possible result for you.