May 1978:
Founding of the Company “Blumen Scheiermann”. This company grew out of the
“Fried Krupp Hügelgärtnerei
, Abt. Blumenbinderei”
Since founding the Company Scheiermann is the service partner for the Messe Essen.

July 1989:
Because of expansion the company moved to Essen-Kettwig. The own greenhouses and storage spaces make the storing of rental plants and decorative materials possible.

January 1994:
Founding of the “Scheiermann GbR”. Floral design now all over Germany.

June 2006:
Starting to work as the service-partner of the Messe Düsseldorf

January 2009:
Starting to work as the Service-Partner of the Messe Stuttgart

Dezember 24th , 2010:

Because of to high snow-weight collapse of large parts of the greenhouse/storage areas.
This make a large-scale demolition required.

November 2011:

Completion of the rebuilding of our greenhouses and storage areas.